The Woodland Wanderers invite you to help us along on our journey. Enjoy our walks, volunteer your assistance, or donate. Come Walk With Us.

Cold Spring Harbor
Remote Registration

Step-by-step instructions to register remotely

  1. Pull up the waiver form below.
  2. Print it, then fill it out. (You know. Print everyone's name and have them sign and date it. You sign for kids.)
  3. Scan it and email it to us. Remember to include your name, address and phone number. (What, you think we can actually read your writing???)
  4. We will send an email back with payment options.
  5. No scanner??
    • Print it and fill it out.
    • Print a document with your name, address and phone and email address.
    • Put all the above along with a check made out to Woodland Wanderers for how much you owe into an envelope
    • Mail it to us: Woodland Wanderers, 1020 Parkway Ln; Woodland Park, CO 80863
  6. Once we have our money, we will email you the written directions and maps, and snail mail insert cards with the event stamp implanted.


  • Donate

    If you don't have time to physically assist putting on a walk, all of the clubs welcome a cash or in kind donation. Perhaps you have an association with a printer. You could provide start cards with your coupon for the club. If you have an association with a supply enterprise, you could supply drinking cups for the check points, or coolers for water, or powdered lemonade. There are so many ways. Go to our Contact Us page and send us a message, or choose to donate on the right hand side of the page.